Tuesday, January 24, 2012

October Baby

There is a movie coming out in March that you will want to see, October Baby. The subject matter? Abortion.

A young woman discovers that she is the result of a failed abortion and sets out to find her birth mother. Along the way, she discovers forgiveness, God's idea of beauty, and love. Women who have seen it, who also had an abortion, said the movie was a healing experience. If you click on October Baby Stories: Shari's Story, you will find the actor has a very emotional and personal tie with the movie.

My friend, Cecil, is one of the writers and producers. He owns Tentmakers Entertainment and probably had a hand in some of the TV shows or commercials you have seen. Cecil is a prayer warrior and really and honestly prays for a long list of people every, single day. I am honored to call him my friend.

Anyway... October Baby. The idea and message behind the movie deeply resonates with me. I have several friends who opted for an abortion for varied reasons. Some have since realized that abortion is eliminating the life of a child. They grieve for the children they lost, but no one really grieves with them. Mostly because very few people know of the abortion, but also perhaps because so few people view that as the loss of a child. It is. Losing a baby through abortion or miscarriage is losing a BABY. A human being who is living and breathing and growing. Most abortions happen in the first trimester. This is a picture of an 8-week gestation baby.
His body is still very small, but he is obviously a human begin.

Now, I'm not here to preach about the evils of abortion, but just so we're clear, human life begins at conception. A human sperm and a human egg will combine to form nothing less than another human.

What I'm writing about today is love. And forgiveness. And the fact that almighty God views every human life as beautiful and precious. If you have had an abortion and grieve for that child that was lost, God loves you. He hasn't left you. He forgives you. That child is destined for heaven and you will one day see that sweet baby again. You are beautiful and precious and loved. God loves you so thoroughly, completely, and consumingly (is that even a word?) that he gave the life of his own son to guarantee that your place in eternity could be by his side.

If you have a friend or a sister who had an abortion, accept her as a grieving mother and treat her as such. Show her love and compassion and forgiveness and grace. Keep her confidences, but let her talk about her experience without sitting in judgment. And allow her to grieve.

I am going to see October Baby in the theater, and I encourage you to do the same.

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