Thursday, November 12, 2009

Friend or Foe?

Are you a friend or a foe? Do you know the difference?

A friend listens to you. Laughs with you. Prays for and with you. Spends time with you. Talks to you. Has good stuff to say about you. Isn't jealous of you. Is patient with you. Accepts you for who you are. Doesn't criticize you. Doesn't hold grudges against you. Doesn't gossip about you. Tells you if you have offended them. Apologizes if they have offended you. Tells you the truth. Talks to you about the future. Reminisces with you about the past. Knows some of your secrets. Doesn't tell your secrets to others. Is loyal to you. Shares your friendship with others. Isn't jealous when you spend time with other friends. Would never hurt you.

A foe doesn't listen. Laughs at you. Wishes bad things on you. Avoids you. Talks bad about you. Is jealous of you. Is not patient with you. Criticizes you. Demeans you. Holds grudges against you. Gossips about you. Gets mad at you if you offend them. Does not sincerely apologize to you. Lies to you. Refuses to share feelings with you. Makes up stuff about their past. Brags about their future plans for success. Tells every secret they know. Is loyal to himself only. Is jealous of your relationship together. Is jealous of the time you spend with others. Hurts you.

Are you a friend or a foe? Is your best friend REALLY your friend? Or is he your foe?

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